Paul Terdal, Sc.M., MBA, Policy Director

Paul Terdal serves as Dalya Partners’ Policy Director. He has more than 25 years of high-tech industry experience in driving strategic change in regulated environments including product development, process improvement, supply chain management and systems implementation, with high-technology and life sciences companies throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Paul is a passionate advocate for patient access to healthcare. He has written and facilitated enactment of over a half-dozen state laws relating to healthcare, insurance coverage, behavioral health licensing and consumer protection. Paul has also worked closely with state regulatory agencies on development and implementation of administrative rules relating to mental health parity, insurance, Medicaid and licensing. Paul helped author a report for the National Council on Disability, an independent Federal agency, on the use of Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY) methods by state Medicaid agencies. He has also served as a policy volunteer for national political campaigns, assisting in development of policy platforms on healthcare, education and disability rights.

Paul received his B.A. in Physics from Reed College, Sc.M. in Engineering from Brown University and MBA from the Yale School of Management.